group photo in front of rock formation
Dr. Cemen, students, and researchers participating in a field course in Southeast Anatolia, Turkey, for the Turkish Petroleum Geologists Association.

The CSBS focuses on the strengths in sedimentary geosciences in the Department of Geological Sciences at The University of Alabama. Key among these are petroleum geosciences, groundwater and surface-water hydrogeology, and related subdisiplines. Our education approach is to team-teach interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate courses that combine fundamental principles and concepts taught in the classroom with process-oriented research learned through practical experiences in the laboratory.

Involvement in research provides outstanding opportunities for students to learn and experience the importance of team-work, critical thinking, project design, planning and execution, effective communication, and delivering a product in a timely manner. Students graduating from the program are better prepared to solve complex problems through the use of integrative solutions.

CSBS students historically have been involved in field studies funded through contracts and grants from federal and state agencies and industry. Multidisciplinary thesis and dissertation research in the geosciences and related fields, such as petroleum and hydrologic engineering, is encouraged.

The Center also conducts short courses, seminars and workshops in various aspects of sedimentary geology. Topical areas include petroleum and water geosciences for professional geologists, geophysicists, and engineers. The CSBS will also hold periodic research conferences on timely topics.