scientists standing near a rock formation
Barranco de la Hoz Outcrop of Upper Jurassic Microbial Buildup (Pinnacle), Iberian Basin, Jabaloyas, Spain.

The Center for Sedimentary Basin Studies focuses on advancing the understanding of sedimentary basins through integrative and cooperative studies with government agencies, academic institutions and industry. The faculty and students of the CSBS  collaborate with scientists and engineers with the Geological Survey of Alabama and other organizations on projects that benefit the University, industry, state, and nation. The results of these interdisciplinary studies are used to address societal needs in the areas of energy and water resources, environmental issues, and geohazards.

The CSBS conducts research in all areas of sedimentary geology and basin studies. Faculty associated with the  CSBS have expertise in various specialized areas of study and, along with their students and colleagues, have developed research programs to address sedimentary basin studies in a holistic and comprehensive fashion.

We invite inquiries from prospective graduate students who may be interested in our programs, as well as potential collaborators from the geosciences and related disciplines. Please contact CSBS for more information.

Field Work in Oklahoma Using Tripod-mounted LiDAR Instrument.