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Recent News

Dr. Lisa Davis

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Davis, CSBS Affiliate and Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, who has been named the first Alabama Water Institute Distinguished Faculty Fellow. The recent UA press release can be viewed here.



Devonian Wildfires Investigated to Reveal Evidence of Tree Evolution

Research performed by postdoctoral researcher Man Lu, along with her advisors Associate Professor Dr. Yuehan Lu and Research Associate (NHM) Dr. Takehito Ikejiri was profiled in the UA news and recently published in Paleo3! According to the findings, the Earth’s first forest fires appear to have occurred earlier than previously thought.

According to the findings, the Earth’s first forest fires appear to have occurred earlier than previously thought. This provides evidence that forests invaded into dry climates for the first time in Earth’s history.

Drinking Habits of Mosasaurs – in the news!

Assistant Professor Dr. Rebecca Totten Minzoni and recent Masters graduate Leah Travis Taylor received some news coverage on their recently published paper entitled “Oxygen isotopes from the teeth of Cretaceous marine lizards reveal their migration and consumption of freshwater in the Western Interior Seaway, North America” in Paleo3.

In the paper, they combined Leah’s Masters work with Dr. Totten Minzoni’s senior thesis to investigate a comparison of Alabama and Kansas mosasaurs. From oxygen isotope patterns in their teeth, they deduced that they drank freshwater weekly, probably due to limited osmoregulatory function like their modern sea snake relatives.

You can see their paper here. The news report on this can be seen here.

Thwaites Glacier Research Highlighted in BBC Article

Recently published research led by Dr. K Hogan (BAS) and co-authored by UA’s Dr. R. Totten Minzoni and graduate student V. Fitzgerald about Thwaites Glacier, Antarctica highlighted by the BBC.For the BBC news article, follow this link:

Recent Research Papers

Owen, A., Mancini, E.A., Benson, D.J., Tew, B.H., and Cemen, I., 2020, Integrated Carbonate Reservoir Analysis and Modeling, Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Fishpond Field, Southwestern Alabama, Northeastern Gulf Coastal Plain, Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Journal, v 9, p.28-40.